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Here Are 5 Cheapest and Reliable Ways of Shipping Your E-Commerce Orders as a Singapore Webpreneur

The delivery of customers’ goods is an essential task in the online business. It is the mark of the transaction.  When customers placed their orders on your e-commerce website and paid for it, you must ensure they get it at their doorstep or pick up point. On the other hand, delivering or order fulfilling is one of the hardest tasks for a webpreneur. Particularly, if you do not have well-laid strategies, it can be an up to the hill task. When selling online in Singapore, its better you know various ways you can use to ship or deliver goods to your customers. By this, you will minimize the chances of shipping related complaints.

Here are five ways you can use:

Get in touch

Post office

Another option to deliver your goods through your e-commerce website is a post office. Singaporean postal company offers delivery services. However, you can only use it for sending small parcels. Also, they don’t deliver the goods to customers residence. Instead, customers must pick their goods from the nearest post office. Hence, it is only a preferable option for deliveries to customers living near a post office. Regardless of this, it is a cheaper option when sending small parcels. So, you can consider it.


Delivering goods, yourself

If you have adequate resources, you can opt for self-delivery. The option is cost efficient compared with the rest. Also, it offers you an opportunity to meet up with clients. Through the interactions, you can get insightful information about their needs, . By this, you can use the ideas in developing your products. Besides, if you fully customize your online store it enables you to build a strong brand image as well as to become a reliable and preferred option for your customers. However, it can only work for local deliveries. If you are an international merchant, you need to look for another option unless you have adequate resources. Also, you must consider the cost of delivering the goods. If it’s a burden, a third party should be a favorable option.

Considering e-commerce platforms

Apart from offering sellers an opportunity to meet with clients, the online marketplaces in Singapore provide shipping services for e-commerce businesses. Platforms such as Lazada and Oqoo10 offer goods deliveries.

However, you must have an account with them, and customers order through these platforms. The good thing is you enjoy subsidies. Your customers will pay less, and you will reduce your worries. However, some incentives maybe mirages. Some platforms have hidden charges which they use to recover the incentives offered. Hence, you should assess them well to determine if they are worthy.


Self-pick ups

Are you dealing with local customers or else do you have several branches? If so, you can opt for self-pickups. Here, the customers come to your stores or warehouse to pick goods bought through your e-commerce website. You do not have to take them to their premises. This option helps you to save on delivery costs. However, some customers may consider from local stores unless the cost for picking the products is less than the prices nearby shops.