How Must Does an Ecommerce Website (Designed with Ecommerce Websites Builder) Cost in Singapore

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How much does an online store cost to create, maintain, and host? How much does it cost to use an ecommerce websites builder to build your new website? Read and find out!


Let’s face it – there is no a one-size-fits-all solution and the cost for building and designing an ecommerce website in Singapore can vary. If you are planning to build your own ecommerce site, we suppose you want to calculate your expenses and see what is the best option for your online store.

The costs related to building a website depend on the ecommerce websites builder you use and your requirements. You should also keep in mind that you need to continue investing money to improve the shopping experience, as well as, the function of your store.

The range of costs could be anywhere from $5 to $50.000.

To narrow down the expenses based on your needs, here are a few things you need to know.

Depending on how simple, easy or complex the ecommerce platform is or what the licensing costs might be, the total costs may vary for similar functionality. There are SaaS offerings or Software-as-a-Service and there are industry-specific solutions. The best and low-cost option is the SaaS offerings as you don’t need any outside assistance. Some hosting offerings start at $20-30 a month and are great for beginners. Shopify, for example, offers 3 different ecommerce plans and the cheapest plan will cost you $29 a month. Other ecommerce offerings such as Magento and Magento Enterprise will cost you more. They are not designed to be setup or maintained by the business owner. This means that you will need to hire an expert team who can help you with running your website, with the updates, and other tech details.

Many ecommerce platforms have themes, design galleries or templates you can use to design your website. While these might not be perfect for your business or set your online store from other stores on the market, these templates are a cheap and quick option. There are free and paid templates that can cost you from $50 to $250.

If you decide to use a SaaS solution, the web hosting is included in the plan and if you want to use another option such as an open-source platform, you need to find your own hosting provider. There are different types of hosting to choose from – shared, dedicated, cloud, and VPS hosting.

There is no quick answer to the cost of building an online store with an ecommerce websites builder in Singapore, however, you now have an idea of the combined costs that might apply.

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